32  EDITION  FROM  30 mars 2022  TO  1 avril 2022


The Derby de la Meije is 32 years old... It s a unique international event that brings together over 1000 racers for 3 days for a big mountain race. The derby is also a way to discover the mountains, its risks and all necessary means to ski safely.
It s also a music festival and entertainments for gliders coming from all over the worlds.

The 32 th edition will take place from 30 mars 2022 to  1 avril 2022 -  in La Grave la Meije in the Hautes-Alpes. After existing for 32 years, its success is well known and the Derby moves onwards while being La fête de la glisse (the slide party ) in an exceptional ambiance !

The Derby is open to the Youngs aged 16 and over.

The derby 's rule :


Leaving from the dome de la Lauze at 3550m to get to the finish line the fastest possible way. Ski, mono ski, telemark, snowboard or all other sliding devices are accepted. No gate or imposed itinerary and just a few mandatory passages and some forbidden areas for security reasons.

The Start :

It s given by waves of 10 riders every minute and all types combined.

The Teams :

A team is composed of 3 people with al least one women racing on 3 differents devices. The team time is calculated by adding the 3 individuals times.

The ranking :

To be ranked, you must enroll individually (with the gliding device of your choice) or by team. An individual ranking and by discipline is also made.

The best do it in less than 10 minutes, and the least  in a hurry in over an hour.
Faithful to the tradition there are a lot of costumes

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